Laugh with unlimited possibilities. 

You pick the games and the players...

we create the experience for you.


Are you frustrated with the restrictions and lockdowns in place that are making it difficult to see people you miss? How about being on another boring video chat and wishing you were anywhere else but there? 

Here's a solution.

Be on a virtual game show and compete against the people you laugh with the most!

Our host facilitates the show, therefore, keeping the pace, energy and excitement high throughout the whole game.   



Compete with anyone around the world in this exciting international virtual version of Text Breakers. Have hundreds of people playing at the same time. Chat publicly or privately throughout the show to strategize the rounds and come out on top! Come onto our "virtual"  stage and be the spotlight contestant in our game show production! 

In Person

Our live show is flexible enough to be played inside any indoor space. We use game show buzzers to make the competition even more exciting! 

We follow and practice the safety guidelines that are put in place by the CDC. Our equipment is constantly sanitized to minimize the spread of germs. 


We mix the in person and virtual shows together to create a unique hybrid experience. Play against each other as if you're all together in one physical room. Example: Have a "hybrid" catch together during our charades round. Throw a pretend baseball virtually through your computer screen and have another player pretend to catch it live in person. Go back and forth until someone guesses what you're both doing.


"Text Breakers just hosted a game for my family and me via Zoom. It's SO much fun!"


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