Trying to find a fun and effective team building event that you can use to full effect? To do this, you need a hook. At Text Breakers, we realized that our hook was the capacity to bring people out of their comfort zones while being entertained at once!


This smart and engaging 60-minute game show is the perfect event to use for social engagements and corporate entertainment alike. Since 2011, we’ve been promoting and building the idea of Text Breakers to organizations that want an energizing and exciting way to build up a strong team spirit.


Text Breakers make sure that people can work together, break down communication and become a more involved and comfortable team-based operation. For any organization that needs help in coming together, this can be the perfect solution.


The Text Breakers Vision

We make sure to offer a litany of programs that are unlike anything else on the market. Text Breakers looks to bring in important elements of strong business management such as team building, camaraderie and a sense of community. If you can feel a tension in the air, Text Breakers helps to fix this problem immediately.

Our vision was to create something which made sure people could;

  • Learn new ways to solve problems and correct issues in their analysis and planning.

  • Ensure that teams could get over hurdles regarding team chemistry, becoming more aligned together.

  • Promoting strong and effective teamwork that gives everyone the chance to move forward together with ease.

  • Improve team morale, helping people finally see the positives of working together in a team.


Too many people struggle to reach their full potential as they lack the ability to integrate into the workplace they are involved with. By creating a game that is fun and engaging, this problem can be something from the past.

If you notice fractures in team performance, mood or overall cohesion, then Text Breakers was designed to be your solution. Get everyone together and on the same frame of mind, and success is never too far away.​



Employee Appreciation Events

Team Meetings



Company Parties






Grand Openings

National Marketing Tours

Fundraising / Charity Events

Radio Station Events

Product Releases

Trade Show Booths



After Dinner Entertainment

Conference Opener

Confernece Closer

Breakout Sessions




"Mr.Silverberg recently brought Text Breakers to one of our VIP events.  Our VIPs absolutely loved it.  Mr.Silverberg got them to engage in the game. Huge smiles and laughter were abundant throughout our event.  Our VIPs seemed to even create their own social groups throughout the night after the event ended.  It was great to personally witness the fun and excitement Mr.Silverberg brought to our property.  I would highly recommend Text Breakers to any company looking to create fun memories, while also forming everlasting bonds within the participants."


- Randy Cadotte, Director of Marketing, LCO Casino

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