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Text Breakers Weddings is a unique game show that focuses on the happy couple. Imagine being at the rehearsal dinner with all the guests who came into town just for the wedding weekend. After dinner, we pass out professional game show buzzers to the tables and they become a team. Then, we invite the couple up to the front of the room with us and we begin playing trivia all about them. It’s a great way for the couple to share funny stories relating to the questions we are asking. For example, everyone might know how he actually proposed but not everyone will know exactly how the proposal was originally meant to happen before she ruined it. haha


Watch as the couple and guests laugh together while reminiscing. It's highly entertaining to see them battling it out over who knows more about the future newlyweds. Everyone bonds with their teams and has a great time!  This highly interactive and hilarious event will set the bar high for the weekend.


Check out some sample questions previously used at other events:

1. Where did the happy couple first meet?
2. What did Kevin forget on their way to the beach after he proposed?
3. What’s the song Allie always sings in the car?
4. What are the names of everyone in the bridal party?
5. What was the first thing Tyson said after he almost died when they went canoeing? 
6. What is the Father of the Bride’s real name?
7. How does the maid of honor know the bride and when did they meet?
8. What is Ashley and Jill’s favorite destination for their bike rides?

What Our Clients Are Saying!

“Steve and Amber put together a great customized game with a lot of energy that had everyone engaged and able to learn about us as a couple! EVERYONE LOVED IT!!!!”

-Kevin & Tara


Text Breakers Weddings works for:

  • Rehearsal Dinners

  • Bridal Showers

  • Engagement Parties

  • Welcome Parties

  • Bachelorette and Bachelor parties

  • Cocktail Hours

  • Reception Entertainment


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the show?

45-60 minutes

How long does it take to set up and break down your show?

We will arrive 45-60 minutes before the show begins. Our setup is quiet so we will not be disturbing anything happening while we set up. It should take about 30 minutes to break down the show.

Is travel included in the show price?

Travel is included if the location is within 75 miles from Philadelphia, PA. Outside of these boundaries, there will be additional travel costs.

What type of stories or questions should I use for the show content?

A couple of months before the show, we work with you to create the show content. We have a basic template to get you started and we go from there. When considering possible trivia, be specific about what you want your guests to know about you and your fiance. Don’t just include generic questions that most people already know. You want to share stories behind some of the questions so gear them towards meaningful and/or funny stories that your guests would love to hear.

Are there restrictions on what type of venue/room you need to play?

Somewhat. We pride ourselves on being able to turn most venues into a game show and we bring all the equipment needed. However, there should be minimal obstructions in the space so your guests can see the front of the room comfortably.

Additionally, the room should be in a private space. We don’t want to disturb other patrons within the establishment with our noise (and laughter).

What type of equipment do you provide?

We will work with your venue to coordinate all the logistics for your event. We are prepared to bring all equipment needed for our game show, including game show buzzers, a laptop, iPad, projector, projection screen, connection cables, etc. If for some reason we run into any issues and find the location will not work for our show, we will contact you immediately to brainstorm solutions.

What if I don’t like to be in front of people?

That’s not a problem. You can play from your table and share your stories from your seat. We will provide you with a microphone so everyone can still hear you. Or we can share the stories for you as long as you provide them to us, in advance. We will work with you to make the show just as fun for you as it is for your guests.

How many people or teams can play at once?

We currently have 10 game show buzzers which will allow up to 10 teams to play at a time. You can divide the guests into any size team however you see fit.

What does the show consist of?

We pass game show buzzers out to the tables for your guests to play trivia in teams. We invite the couple to join the hosts in the front of the room so they can share their meaningful and funny stories, when appropriate. The couple can also serve as judges for some of the other rounds. In addition to trivia with the buzzers, we can play Charades, Pictionary, texting games, etc. All content is about the couple and the wedding. The games will be selected in consultation with the couple or the person who hired us.


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