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Text Breakers Game Show!

Here are some helpful tips to get the best experience during the show:

Text Breakers uses Zoom Webinar instead of Zoom Meetings. Therefore, everyone won't be seen on camera at once unless you specified per your request. Player's cameras and microphones will be disabled until asked for them to be turned on. This feature has been intentionally enabled due to the show structure, format, and security 

The Zoom room will open 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Background music will be playing and a graphic will be displayed with the date, time, and your party name. Once people log in, they will know they're in the right spot.

Two devices work best when playing. Use your cell phone to answer and submit your text messages and a laptop/desktop to watch. It is not required to use two however it's highly recommended.

Additional Information

You will be receiving the following information prior to your show. These emails should arrive within 3 days after confirming the event details. If a second invoice is required, it will be sent after the show is over for the remaining amount. 

Payment: The invoice is sent from Quickbooks

Contract: The contract is sent from HelloSign

Zoom Login: This is sent from

Offer 2 free ticket offer:

You can invite up to 2  people to watch your show. They will still be able to play by being able to submit their answers however they won't be seen or heard on camera. Please have them use the following information once they log in. They need to rename themselves in Zoom as "Guest 1" and "Guest 2". This way, you won't be charged for having two additional people play.

Helpful resources to use:


Here’s how to make sure Zoom is installed on your devices

Here’s tips on how to make your audio and video look and sound great during the show.

Here’s some marketing information to share with your team about the show

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